Moooovin’ On?

24 01 2009

Don’t be angry with me… but I’ve been seriously considering yet another blog move. As you may have noticed, I’ve been changing the look of my blog what seems like hourly, and can’t seem to settle on a them that I like for more than nine minutes at a time. Annoying, I know. Its annoying for me too, because nothing quite has that Goldilocks feel to it. (Thats the second Goldilocks reference I’ve made today. Weird.) I know its INCREDIBLY tedious to update your bookmark list, I mean, if I may presume that you like reading about my boring life / mildly entertaining rants enough to actually BOOKMARK it for further reference. I’m honoured. 

Anyhow, I’ve been playing around over at Squarespace, and while I’m not jazzed to join the real blogging world and actually PAY a monthly fee for the privelage, its actually a pretty fantastic blog host site. You can drag the width of the columns to WHATEVER YOU WANT, as well as play around with a zillion other incredibly cool features. And everything is ULTRA customizable, and you can make your blog look however you damn well want it to. Some of the more complicated stuff requires a basic knowledge of CSS or Java, neither of which are in my abilities, but lucky for me, I have geeky friends who love that crap. (PS Chad, have I mentioned my undying love for you lately? Its still there. Undying.) If you have time to spare, and don’t have anything to YouTube for a few minutes, you should check out Squarespace. Its a seriously cool blog host, and theres a FREE TRIAL in which you get to screw around with blog stuff FO FREEEEEs!

So this is my tenative new blog. I’m still messing around with it, so don’t delete me from your life because of annoying template changes. I’ll settle down soon, I promise. 

I’ll keep a link to this blog somewhere in my Links tab, in case you get nostalgic and want to relive all the hilarity I’ve provided you with. Bo dom chhhh. Or for blackmail. You never know…

NEW SQUARESPACE ADDRESS: The Millionth Forthesun Blog To Exist On The Intra-webs (hopefully the last one, fingers crossed)

PS Did I mention that the monthly Squarespace fee is a whopping $7.30 per month? Like thats going to break the bank anytime soon… I could easilly spend that much on coffee in ONE SINGLE DAY.