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20 12 2008

I haven’t really had a whole lot to blog about lately. The past few weeks have been a monotony of work, work, Nip/Tuck, work, work, BSG, work, Christmas shopping, work. I am surprisingly satisfied with the christmas presents I bought, which were few. One of the best things about moving to a new city is the fact that there are all of three, maybe four people I like enough to buy Christmas presents for. And being a recent college graduate, I certainly can’t afford to pay for shipping to send presents to all the people back home that I DO still like. So everyone is getting pop-up (!!!) christmas cards instead. Anyhow, I think (and hope) that the handful people I bought presents for like them. And if they don’t, pfffft, whatever. I’ll keep them for myself, to hell with them.
We got our new car stereo and it is breathtaking. It’s homeland is wherever Mama Alpine lives, but its adapting quite nicely to the bone-chilling prairie winds, much like myself. The stereo complains less, however. Next on my list of Major Car Investments are new tires. Or possibly something transmission related, because mine is making a few grumbling, groaning sounds. Cue my financial panic.
I’ve been reading out of my box lately. Some of my favourite people at Chapters (who are obviously the sarcastic, jaded comic book/movie geeks) suggested I check out George R. R. Martin’s FIRE & ICE Series. I’ve had a handful of co-workers notice me reading A Game Of Thrones on lunch breaks, and they’ve all gushed and raved and said how much they love it, and all the characters, and the plot twists and blah blah blah. I’ve only dabbled in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section, read things here and there but nothing major… until now. I am MAJORLY into these books. I just finished the first book, and am thrilled with my own foresight, as I bought the second book with my last paycheck. There is NOTHING worse than finishing a book or watching the last episode of a tv show and not having the follow up book/episode ready to go immediately thereafter.
I’ve been lounging around all night (I left work at 8) and I feel like I’ve totally wasted my time off. I definitely had laundry and dishes and other chores to do, and I was thinking about badassifying my resume to apply for internships slash entry level positions at tv or radio stations. And, failing that, a part time waitressing gig to put a few more pennies in my consantly empty pockets. And what did I do with my night off? Watched Gilmore Girls. Drank beer. Played Katamari. I fail at productivity.

UPDATE — 21/12/08

I forgot to mention the Most Awesome Fun-Tastic thing that has ever happened to me! In the middle of last week, our bathtub stopped draining, which we discovered after Bryan had a shower and the tub was 3/4 filled with soapy water. So I made the trek to Home Depot, which is obviously every woman’s favourite store in the world (they don’t sell shoes, or hair accessories, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to find ANYTHING without your own goddamned sherpa guide! Mine was named Hank.) and picked up an industrial sized jug of Liquid PlumbR, which promised it would work “despite any standing water”. As soon as I got home, I dumped half the bottle in and waited patiently for something to happen. Nada. Not even a few bubbles. And definitely no water draining, as was promised by the cartoon plumbR on the front. So I went out for early afternoon beers with Reed, came back a few hours later, and dumped the remaining PlumR into the mix, and was pleasantly unsurprised when NOTHING HAPPENED. So, being totally fed up and totally smelly by this point, I emailed my landlords and went to Greg’s to have a shower. Because Greg lives in a MAN-HOUSE, he obviously had zero clean towels and no face moisturizer, but he made up for it by making fondue and having ample supplies of white wine.

The next morning, I woke up to someone knocking on the door quite insistantly. At first, I thought it was Bryan coming to tell me that he forgot his keys or someone had stolen our stereo or front axel or something, but when I opened the door, it was my landlord, who looked quite stressed.

“Hey,” she said, “Does your heat work?”

“Uh, no, not so much. I was going to ask you about that when you came to unclog the tub”

“I don’t think your tub is clogged as much as it’s attached to a system of totally frozen pipes. Thats why the heat isn’t working too. The rads are frozen.”

“…….Oh. Hense it being -45 in here?”


So she scooped all the water out of the bathtub and into the sink, and filled the tup with scalding hot water to thaw the pipes, which was a complete success. But because it was SO unbelievably cold in the apartment (basically the same as the temperature outside, but without the fierce prairie winds), Lucy and I snuggled under the covers and stayed in bed until I had to leave for work. By the time I got home, the pipes had been thawed, and the apartment was warmer than it has ever been. Thank GOD.