– Greg –

“Harrison Ford could jerk off on screen for 90 minutes, but as long as hes wearing the hat and holding a whip, I’d be all “WHOOoOoOoooo Indyyyyy!”

One of my favourite people in the whole world. Sarcastic. Vegetarian. Film school graduate. Very interested in music, filmmaking, comic books, Photoshop and Douglas Coupland.

– Bryan –

“Did…Did you just go ass-to-mouth on that hedgehog?!”

My most-favourite. His interests include Star Wars/Trek, tattoos, teasing Greg, cake and bacon, drinking wine in bed while watching TV on DVD (BSG, Sex and the City, Planet Earth, etc), keeping me awake until 4am, and accepting challenges of varying degrees of ridiculousness.

– Reed –

“Theres a great little Ethiopian restaurant just down the street, and they actually have more than just flies on babies faces…”

Yet another Manitoban. Loves inappropriate jokes, inappropriate gestures, and inappropriate groping. And gay jokes, which is only slightly conflicting with his sexual orientation. Also enjoys shouting.

– Chad –

A new Winnipeg friend via Reed! The basis of any good friendship is the first meeting that is accompanied by excessive drinking. Within a few hours (and few bottles of red wine) of meeting Chad, I knew that we were going to get along juuust fine. Spends his days Assisting Teachers at Red River College, and his nights partying like a rock star… when he’s not giving his cat, JD, a Talking To, for escaping or causing some kind of mischief — yet again.

– Meaghan –

My science camp twin/secret love sister! We get tattoos together from opposite sides of the country, smoke clove cigarettes, drink black coffee and/or red wine, and talk about life, school, boys, and books. Loves poetry, coffee, photography, and music. Is one of the most effortlessly fashionable people I know. Lives in Vancouver and loves it.

– Lucy-cat –


Just to clarify, any mention of Lucy is NOT meant to be Lucille Ball or Lucy Liu. Lucy is Lucy-cat, my mischievous and VERY friendly tortoiseshell. She’s terribly spoiled, and enjoys paper bags, drinking straws, furry mice, pipe cleaners, hiding under blankets and waking up Mum horrendously early every morning.

– Derek –

“Wipe wipe wipe!”

From S.O. and damn proud of it! Redheaded (ish..) self-proclaimed film geek. Has been known to drive/fly ridiculously far distances to just to hang out at the Steamy Bean and/or Casa de Weller. Probably too clever for his own good.

– Kfed –

Formerly bearded former Winnipegger. Likes Guitar Hero, metal, Magic School Bus, Photoshopping and Crank (the movie not the meth). Currently elbowing his way into the Vancouver film industry. Has never been married to Britney Spears.


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