When I was a little girl, my mom owned a tiny little bookstore called Sweet Thursday Books (named after her favourite John Steinback novel), which meant that whether I liked it or not, I was born to be a bookworm. I’ve been reading since I was three years old — I clearly remember correcting my kindergarten Reading Buddy when she mispronounced a word. There isn’t a single room in my parent’s house without a bookcase, and because of this, I’ve acquired hundreds of books of my own, which, let me tell you, were a BITCH to move into my apartment (and then back again). I have no qualms about dropping $150 at Chapters (or any bookstore, really) in one fell swoop.

Right now, I’m reading..

Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann

Let it be known that I’m not usually into murder mysteries, or mysteries of any kind, but when my friend Mantha told me about this book, I had to get a copy for myself. A shepard is murdered, and his flock of sheep try to solve the case and catch the killer. His flock of sheep. This book is written in the point of view of the sheep. Not even for a moment do you forget that the dialogue and opinions and plot is circling around a flock. of. sheep.

Next up on my To Read list is…

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

This book has been getting HUNDREDS (seriously) of rave reviews, and Greg just happened to get a free copy at some book orgy he attended, so I borrowed it and totally avoided paying $35 for a book I’m DYING to read! Hooray!


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2 06 2008
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19 08 2008

for some reason this really takes me back to our old teenopendiary days…

27 09 2008
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