short & sweet

2 01 2009

I feel that it is important for everyone in the intrawebs to know that I have overcome my irrational fear of raisins. It was a sudden realization. In fact, I actually recall eating actual raisins in a cinnamon bun a while back with little to no complaining. Which is almost as shocking as the fact that the lead raisin seems to be wearing the same kind of fake front shirt panel as the father from Peter Pan, except his was turned into a map to Neverland instead of a creepy raisin outfit. Also, it would seem he needs to poop.

It might also be important to mention that thanks to some serious raisin Google-ing, I have suddenly developed a new irrational fear of James Brown, mostly because he looks strikingly like a California Raisin. Occasionally, James Brown also looks like he needs to poop.




2 responses

2 01 2009

I think James Brown is dead, so you really musn’t fear him, unless you’re also afraid of pictures of him, which is perfectly understandable.

5 01 2009

that is an amazing comparison. . . shudder

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