Welcome to Winnipeg, Thanks For The Stereo.

1 12 2008

Today, we woke up to discover that at some point between 4am and 10am, someone broke into our car and completely removed the stereo. The entire CD deck is gone, along with our iPod dock and Bryan’s Blackberry, which slipped out of his pocket when we got home from the Academy. Our cd player did not have a removable face plate, so I’ve been expecting something like this for a while now.

Whoever did it must have been a pro. The car was locked (I obsessively lock the car doors every time I get out of the car), and the locks were picked without damaging the car in any way. The stereo was carefully unscrewed and the wires were gently disconnected, instead of being wrenched out in a hurry. The glove compartment was left wide open, with the contents strewn across the front seat.

The upside? Dude didn’t smash any windows, slash the tires, or damage the car in any way… aside from stealing the key to my car ride happiness. He didn’t take the car itself (although technically, he couldn’t have, thanks to the IMMOBILIZER) and it still runs perfectly, just slightly less… musically.

The stereo is covered under the car insurance policy, which is fantastic, so we’ll be able to get a new deck installed (WITH A REMOVABLE FACEPLATE) within a week or so. This is going to be the longest week of my life.

Welcome to Winnipeg.


After filing a police report, and making a claim with the insurance company, I’m told that I will have to pay the deductable ($200) and then, if the deck is worth more than that, the insurance company will pay the rest. Unfortunately, because I bought the car (gently) used from Craig, I have no recipt or proof of what was paid for the deck. I have an appointment to go have the car appraised by an insurance dude, who will somehow figure out how much my lack of stereo is worth. I’m hoping his answer is “Well, shits, that was one pricey stereo. I figure we can give you an extra $300 to spend after you cover the deductible, yoz”. But I’d settle for “This stereo is worth more than $200, we’ll cover the rest”. On a happier note, I’m kinda excited to buy a new cd player, preferably one with a detachable face plate and iPod hook ups. I’ve only been stereo-less for a day, and its basically killing my soul and will to live. Driving without music suckssssss.




5 responses

1 12 2008

No radio even.
At least I have radio even if I have no cd or even tape player.
I’m guessing the Blackberry isn’t covered under insurance?

1 12 2008

Aw, Emily – that sucks! Sorry to hear about this :(

3 12 2008

Unless you switched stereos after you bought my car I thought that I would just like to let you know that it definitely had a removable plate. I removed it all the time and often had to put my hand under the front seat to find it. Sorry, I didn’t show you how to remove it…didn’t even think about it. I’m laughing and crying for you at the same time.

3 12 2008

Still laughing and crying.

3 12 2008

Huh. Well, thats a bummer. I didn’t think you would be dumb enough to buy a non-removable faceplate, but neither I nor anyone I asked could ever get if off… it felt like we were about to break it. This includes a dude who used to install car stereos. Shrug.

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