Ism #1

25 10 2008

Life in Winnipeg is…

getting to see stupid people almost get into ridiculous car accidents ALLLLLL THE TIME. I drive around thinking “Okay, uh, why are you BACKING INTO this busy intersection at rush hour, Plymouth Voyageur?! And you! Dodge Neon! Why are you STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF AN INTERSECTION (on a red light) !? HOW ARE YOU BOTH NOT BRUTALLY ACCIDENT-MURDERED.” Repeat x 100 000.




5 responses

25 10 2008

Haha. Today I saw people driving like complete retards just because it was raining. Seriously, it’s like the rain created a giant stupid virus that attacked people in cars and made them completely unable to drive like a normal sane person.

25 10 2008

… I don’t think the stupid virus strikes on rainy days alone. More like every day always.

26 10 2008

Actually I think it’s a disorder much like arthritis, it gets worse with dips in atmospheric pressure.

27 10 2008

If you think that rain is bad, just wait until the winter driving virus gets in full swing :)

27 10 2008

You’re all right on the money. Oh boy, the first day it snows, either don’t go anywhere, or give yourself an extra 45 minutes to get there. I can’t wait!

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