I’m… baked

31 08 2008

Erm, I mean I’m EMPLOYED at Baked. Baked Expectations. Which is, to quote, “a Winnipeg landmark located in the heart of Osborne Village”. Its a colourful and funky little cafe/bakery/eatery that Reed took us to on one of our first trips to Winnipeg, many moons ago, and one that I have returned to each time I’m back in town. I brought Mantha there when we came up to go shopping, and I brought my parents there for breakfast when they helped us move here from Thunder Bay. I’ve only ever had delicious food there — including some GODDAMNED DELICIOUS pink lemonade, — and genuinely friendly service, so I asked the waiter, on a whim, if they were hiring. Sam and I had been chatting with him for the duration of our lunch, and he insisted that I bring a resume in as soon as I got settled. He did, however, warn me that a lot of people quit (or are ‘let go’) for various reasons such as school, scheduling conflicts, and general inemptitude, but most importantly that the owner was “a little… intense”. I smiled and said “I’ve worked for intense business owners before, and I know how avoid screwing myself out of a job.”

And so, long story short, I went and dropped off a resume to the nice waiter, who immediately set me up with an interview, which was yesturday afternoon. The owner is, indeed, intense, but not in a verbally abusive way (I hope), more like a… “This is my business, and its been a successful one for 25 years. I know how I want things done, and if you disagree, or think you know a better way, too goddamned bad. Do it my way or find yourself unemployed: your call.” Thats just the vibe I got from her during the interview, which is how most restaurant managers/owners are, if they’ve been running things a certain way for a long time, and aren’t struggling to stay in business, chances are they’re doing something right. And I’m totally okay with that. Thats how it was at Gino’s and thats how I was taught when I first started there. “This is how we do things here, and have been doing for the last ___ years. So this is how you will be doing it too.” Restaurants have an infamously high turnover rate, one that I witnessed dozens of times at Gino’s. People are hired, work a week or so, decide they don’t like it, and quit with little to no notice. Or alternatively, people are hired, do their job shittily for a few weeks, give attitude to their superiors, slack off, and get fired. I’ve seen it all, and know by now how to not be an idiot at work.

Anyhow, from what I understand, I have been hired as a full time (YESSSSSSSSSSS) barista / table busser / whatever-er, and am under ‘probation’ of sorts. IF I prove to be not retarded and/or incompetent, and instead turn out to be friendly, hard working, and a quick learner, I will be promoted to serving. Which is totally cool by me.




2 responses

31 08 2008

wow, that is awsome! I would love to work in a little locally owned cafe. It is so hard around here, though, everyone wants those jobs. And you got one of those jobs! Good luck with it and be sure to chronicle all the baked details.

8 09 2008

Hey! Congrats on the job! Haha, that place has quite the history here, but at least they don’t seem to hide it when they hire new people, that’s good to hear!

Good luck with Baked, maybe we’ll see each other sometime soon. I tend to start showing my face around there more come the fall/winter time :)

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