Living Together

30 08 2008

After living in Winnipeg for a week, Bryan and I took a quick trip back to Thunder Bay, to pick up Lucy-cat, among other things. We got back into Winnipeg yesturday morning after driving halfway (4 hours, to Dryden), staying in a hotel, and leaving again at dawn to finish the trip. We (aka especailly me) were worried that driving all day in the hot sun would be too hot for Lucy, and indeed it was ! After about 15 minutes in the car, Lucy was panting and running around the car meowing her face off. So I pulled Cat-Mother rank and turned back to my parents to wait until later that evening. Its been a loooong couple of days. Lucy is slowly adjusting to the apartment, and all the strange noises that the pug upstairs makes, and footsteps in the hall, etc. Most of the time, she can be found sitting on the windowsill in the living room, watching/gurgling at the pidgeons that roost in the building across Knockturn Alley the back alley. She’s still a little freaked out by the newness of everything, and the tramatizing car ride, and being torn away from that nice man who made sure Lucy had her very own teeny scoop of ice cream every night (Thanks, Dad). But she’ll settle down and get used to it.

In a Facebook message to a friend of mine, I said that so far, living with A BOYYYY was going pretty well. I mentioned that I was surprised that Bryan hadn’t smothered me with a pillow yet, as I can get pretty annoying, especailly at night when he’s trying to sleep and I’d much rather bounce around on the bed while singing Spice Girls. He claims that he just hasn’t found the right pillow — too many of ours are fantastic for sleeping-time, or have designs on them that would help Gil Grissom identify them as the murder weapon. Which would be bad, for him, and also for me, because I’d be quite murdered.

This morning, I woke up before my alarm went off and got up to feed Lucy, hopeing that she would break her own tradition and actually eat today. She practically wrestled me to the ground to get at her food as quickly as possible, and then only ate half of it before rushing back to her windowsill to heckle the pigeons. Or, more realistically, be heckled by the pigeons. Anyhow, so she ate for the first time in a two days, so I ran into the bedroom, jumped on the bed, and shouted “BRYAN LUCY ATE! SHE ATE FOOD AND I DIDN”T EVEN HAVE TO BRIBE HER WITH MILK! SHE ATE IT ON HER OWN!” Bryan replied “uh..thats really great Em, really, I’m thrilled, but could you maybe have waited until I wasn’t in the middle of sleeping-time to tell me about it?” I then said “Oh. Okay!” and bounded from the room — really, I seriously bounded. I had already had two cups of coffee by this time and was definitely not in the middle of sleeping-time.

Two minutes later, I bounded back into the bedroom, jumped on the bed and shouted “BRYAN LUCY JUST POOPED! SHE POOPED AND THAT MEANS SHES STARTING TO GET SETTLED DOWN! SHES GETTING USED TO LIVING HERE SO SHE POOPED!” And how did Bryan respond? He rolled over and muttered “I seriously need to find a good smothering pillow…”




3 responses

30 08 2008

Are you going to change the design of you blog every week? Seriously PICK ONE. (I liked the last one).

30 08 2008

I can’t decide which one I like! I’m not totally happy with any of them… :(

30 08 2008

Don’t do it Emily! This one is very nice :) it’s clean and simple and elegant! I like clean and simple and elegant.

Also: YAY POOPING! Glad everything is going well *^_^* Congrats on the new job, whatever it is!


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