22 08 2008

Invaded!, originally uploaded by forthesun.

Our new apartment in Winnipeg has an incredibly fantastic Retro Video Game Theme… and little to no furniture (until Sunday). Check out my Winnipeg Photo Set on Flickr to see more…

I also just updated my Bookworm page, for anyone who is interested in what I’m reading…




4 responses

22 08 2008

Your apartment is fucking amazing! Who needs furniture when you have a Space Invaders bathroom! I only wish my landlords were so cool. You are such the lucky duck. Envy. Yup. That is all.

22 08 2008

Emily, your apartment is coolio! I especially love the Tetris kitchen! And the crucifixes that the Space Invaders are attacking you with. It is so neato! I’m going to visit, okay?

22 08 2008

I love all these photos, and I love you apartment, but hurry up and get some furniture so I can sit down when I’m there.

22 08 2008

We have a papasan cushion now, Greg. You might remember it. It was the thing you had to climb over to get out of the car, in your rush to poop in your own familiar bathroom.

The papasan cushion on its own is actually SUPER comfortable. We have it half leaned up against the wall in a sort of Couch position and its a HELLUVA lot better than sitting on the floor!

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