This week.

9 08 2008

I’ve been wanting to update my blog all week. Really, I have, I swear. But the thing is, nothing exciting has really happened. Its been a week of catching up with friends from out of town, and a week of sunshine reading parties and magic hour playground swinging.

I want to watch Snowcake. And The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

I want to be in Winnipeg now please. I so desperately want to buy furniture and artwork and find a job and unpack and explore Osborne Village. I’m tempted to throw out half of my clothes so I’ll have an excuse to reinvent my current lack of style. It’ll be nice to live in a city that has a wide enough variety of stores (big and small) so that you don’t run into people wearing the EXACT same t-shirt/dress/shoes/outfit that I am. It gets tiring quick.

I saw a piece of playground graffiti that said “you found me” and can’t stop thinking about it.

I’ve said “GODDAMNIT Why don’t I have my camera with me?!” at least 30 times in the past three days.

I have also said “GODDAMNIT I neeeeeeed a GorillaPod; its EXACTLY what I need in this EXACT situation!”

I’ve been listening to a lot of Broken Social Scene this week. And Animal Collective.

I like that I am so out of touch with the TOTALLY HIPPEST FANTASTIC NEW INDIE BAND of the moment. I hear people gushing and watch them hyperventilate over some amazing band’s amazing song with the amazing lyrics, and I go “Yeah, I’ll totally investigate this further, thanks for the hot tip”, and halfheartedly troll iTunes for a few minutes, maybe download an album or two. Then months later, when I’m starved for New Good Music (I hate weeding out Shitty New Music and Definitely Not Something I Enjoy Music from the Seriously Good Shit. Just like stems.) I’ll wander across it on my iPod and go WTFuck YES I totally see it now ! AMAZING.

I would kill a man for something salty and junk food-y right now.




One response

28 08 2008

Lack, of style?! Baby, you’re all style. SRSLY: you are one of the few people I know with a style at all, especially an interesting style.

Love, Meaghan

I miss you sosomuch.

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