23 07 2008

This is VERY well written, and I..just.. love it. So read it, and try not to start thinking of me as a big sap. At least I’m not blogging about Love & Soulmates, and I would NEVER force you to read a mushy haiku. You have my word. Scouts honour.

What is in a kiss?

Soft as it may be. Sweet and wine scented. There is no rush to deliberate on the greater reasoning. No. There is only the soft ripe apricot of lip, the tender flesh on the inner bite…

A kiss is something dangerous. Overlooked. Such rising tides smash at the shore of my reason under it’s subtlety. I am a fool for the warm ease at which it quickly, quietly, drowns me.

Remember your first? Your last? The one with the slow smile and the agenda hidden under her breastbone? I do. Yes… I do.

She had red hair and wore my perfume. Stole my dresses and filled my bed with her cold feet.

Dangerous kiss. Dangerous slippery slope she pushed me down.

And then this last kiss, tentative. Restrained. A fleeting but tantalizing prelude to the pink flesh that lay behind the girlish capriciousness. I am always a sucker for a secret.

What is in a kiss?

Nothing. Spit and teeth. A flick of tongue. There is no mystery there.

What is the secret it keeps?

— Written by Blue Dahlia




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