Pleasure Party Back-and-forth

21 07 2008

Bryan: So you’re going to Kristi’s sex-party tomorrow, huh?

Me: Pleasure Party. And yes, I am.

Bryan: You mean Sex Toy Party.

Me: Pretty much.

Bryan: So I guess this is the last time I’m going to see you huh…

Me: Probably.

Bryan: Are you going to buy a Rabbit and become a vibrator addicted recluse like Charlotte on Sex and the City?

Me: Probably.

Bryan: Or maybe you’ll buy a big black dildo…

Me: Actually, I think it’s more politically correct to say “Larger than average African-American dildo”

Bryan: Maybe a Smaller Than Average Asian Dildo?

Me: Maybe both!

Bryan: Are you going to…. use your new purchase?

Me: Naaaw, I’m just looking for a new paperweight and I thought that a large rubber penis would match my decor.

Bryan: (looks down) sigh. Its just the two of us again.

Me: Are you talking to your-

Bryan: Yep. Back to jerking off alone in the shower. Never getting laid again.

Me: As long as you have a game plan…




One response

22 07 2008

You should probably buy Bryan a Fleshlite so he doesn’t feel left out (and by “he” I mean his penis).

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