Dark Knight Idiots

19 07 2008

** Very very minor spoilers. No major plot points or anything, but… be forewarned **

We went to see Dark Knight last night. I.. still can’t really talk about it. After months and months of waiting and anticipating, after buying our tickets two weeks in advance, after all the hype and leaked spoilers… wow. I just.. it was perfect. Heath Ledger did a phenomenal job as the Joker. I’ve never seen such a dramatic 180 in terms of acting techniques. From Knights Tale to Dark Knight (fast forwarding a few years, of course). His laugh.. his limp.. his mannerisms.. his line delivery. This role would have made his career and changed everything. Too bad he is no longer around to see it. What a tragedy.

Random things I liked and am able to talk about without my brain exploding

– Everything Joker related. Everything. When he is strolling away from the hospital? Brilliant. Pencil magic trick? BRILLIANT.

– Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes. It makes me wish that Katie Holmes-as-Rachel-Dawes had never existed.

– The advertisement on the side of the Joker’s truck (slaughter is the best medicine)

– The fact that the major Hong Kong action scene was (apparently) shot entirely Live Action. No CG whatsoever. Seriously. WT-Fuck.

At the end of the film, as per usual, Bryan and I remained in our seats to check out the credits. We’re film kids — its just what we do. A few other people stayed in their seats too, but most of the audience left right away. A group of incredibly obnoxious 17 year olds sitting beside us (who were more impressed by Batman 180-ing his his motorcycle than anything else, including the end-over-end Transport truck) stood up and shimmyed their way past us to the aisle. The last guy in the line, who had a popped collar I swear to god, stopped and said…

Bro: Does like, something happen at the end of the credits?

Me: *blankly looking at him in disgust*

Bryan: I guess you’ll never find out, if you leave now

Bro: Come on, dude, just tell me now. Does anything happen?

Bryan: Yeah. Professor X wakes up at the end.

Bro: *leaves*




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