16 07 2008

Just in case you were wondering, one of the worst, most awkward places to be sunburned is right in the center of boobage-area. Its hard to scratch nonchalantly without strangers ogling you for groping yourself. Especially hard to do in public.

Also, bug bites on top of sunburnt areas of skin? Hell. Living, itchy-ing, want to die-ing hell. I have TWO bug bites on my neck, approximately one millimeter apart, and I’m beginning look like this:

But I look better in a halter top. And don’t have hideous boils on my forehead and face, just one swollen bump on my neck. Must.. not…scratch…! But oh, forbidden scratching, you feel so good but are SO BAD. Mmm. Scratchity-ing. I’m trying to tap itchy areas instead of scratching but it is not nearly as satisfying as a nice scratch would be. But the unfortunate part about scratching is that once you start, you might as well quit your job and give up your dreams of being president, because you will NEVER be able to stop. Ever.

And I have now officially overused the word “scratch” and all affiliated words. Its lost all meaning. BUT I STILL WANT TO DO IT ! wahhhh


(aaaaaaand I’m out..)




2 responses

17 07 2008

Were you sun bathing topless?

16 10 2011
Ali Khan

Dam u reminded me n now i ll start scratching again….
P.S: da guy who posted above me is a pervert =P

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