Freaking out.

11 07 2008

I’ve been filling a notebook with lists of things I need to do/buy/prepare/plan/find/arrange/change before I move to Winnipeg. Bryan and I were planning to move in the beginning of September, which means that I have very little time to get everything ready. For example, my car needs:

– rust check / oil change / tune up

– new windshield (small stone chip means it won’t pass a safety)

– safety itself

– parking pass?

– change in ownership (from my parents to me)

– new manitoba plates

– manitoba car insurance

– manitoba drivers licence (for me, not the car)

And thats just the stuff I need to do for the CAR. That’s not mentioning the stuff I need to do or buy for the apartment, bullshit I have to change with Rogers (my arch nemesis), setting up internet/phone/whatever, finding furniture, and oh, gee, one other minor thing… FINDING A JOB. Thank GOD we found an apartment already. We stumbled across a funky studio apartment on Craigslist, but by the time we got in touch with the landlords, it was already gone, but she reassured me that she had “several other suites coming up”, that she swore would be equally funky. After a few confusing emails back and forth, we talked on the phone and by the end of a conversation, I was writing down her address to send her a deposit, and she was asking me if she  could paint a Pong stencil on our living room wall (to which I said “uhhh HELLS YES you can, thats INCREDIBLE”). She owns four buildings in the area, and is systematically renovating each apartment, one by one. She replaces the windows, the hot water rads, the hardwood floor, the water fixtures (sinks, etc) and wraps everything up by painting the walls with bright colours and funky designs. Recently renovated, bright colours, funky neighbourhood; all for $500 a month plus electricity? FUCK YES. FUUUCK yes. The cherry on the cupcake on top of the sundae beside the bag of free money = I’m splitting the already low rent with Bryan. $250 a month. Thats laughably cheap.

The LCBO is fucking me over. When I was hired, I was under the impression that I would be getting “moderate” hours until July, at which point the regular, full time employees would be taking their vacations, and I would be “slammed with more hours than I could handle”. As it turns out, this was a secret government code for “You’ll get four hours a week or less, regardless of the month, but we still expect you to be available at all times, whenever we deem to call upon you”. They “frown upon” me having another job because that means I won’t be available “just in case they need me”. There was one week that I had one three-hour shift, and I was called every day and asked to come in, ususally with about 30 minutes notice. In the words of my dear friend Derek Kirk, “W-T-FUCK!?” The LCBO have twisted my arm into quitting Gino’s, which might not be the greatest job on earth, but I get to work with some of my favourite people in the world, and I get to have a fantastic time doing it. Sure, there are stupid customers and a handful of stupid employees, but for once, the good aspects outweighs the bad. I would have been better off staying at Gino’s, and ONLY working weekends. I’d be making more money and getting more hours doing that than I am at the LCBO. And they wouldn’t dream of stopping me from working somewhere else.

So, as a result of this, I’m giving serious thought to breaking my  contract at the LCBO (gasp!), quitting in a few weeks, and moving to Manitoba in the beginning of August. Obviously, I don’t have much money saved up, and obviously, this puts even MORE stress on me to get everything sorted out before I go, but really, why would I stay? I’m clearly not going to make enough money to make it worthwhile. I might as well move to Winnipeg now with the little money I have, and find a job there that will provide me with more than the absolute minimum number of hours per week. Or even find TWO jobs and work my ass off to pay off credit cards and student loans, which is what I was planning to do this summer with my “promised moderate hours” from the LCBO (those lying fucking bastards). Of course, the weekend of my huge breakdown and major life reconsidering happens to be the very same weekend Bryan is out of town, for a family reunion. And not only that, but he locked his cell phone in his house here, and is pretty much unreachable. Fuck.

Sigh. I need to go to bed. Its 1 am and I have to work at the LCBO at 10. Guess how thrilled I am about THAT…




4 responses

11 07 2008

Bryan left his cell at Casa de Weller? what a turd.

11 07 2008

It was charging in the kitchen. His flight was at 5:30 am. Things like this kinda slip your mind, ya know?

… he also forgot his key inside the house. It’ll be fun to see if we can get in on Sunday

12 07 2008

What a douche turd.

27 07 2008

Reason against not moving in August: I wanna seeeeee youuuuuuuu

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