Favourite Mac Apps

11 07 2008

Because I am the type to jump off a bridge if everyone else was doin’ it, here is a list of my favourite Mac applications. And yes, I did spell favourite with a “u”. I’m Canadian. Deal with it. If you are a Mac person, I probably don’t need to tell you what each of these programs does, as I’m sure you already have and love them, but.. here is a mini list anyways, to hell with you (WITH PICTURES!!!)



App Zapper


No picture :( Tweetdeck (I am totally and completely obsessed with Twitter and this makes following friends’ updates (“tweets”) as well as sending my own SOOOO much easier. Although I’m not sure which I like more: Tweetdeck or Twirl…hmmm)

Flickr Uploader (another addiction of mine)

No picture BOOO! Pencil (Very cool animation program — works best with a tablet, like the one I temporarilly stole from Greg)

STILL NO PICTURE! Vidnik (a stupidly easy video recording program, great for sending BIRTHDAY MESSAGES -cough craig- or making vlogs or… whatever you want!




One response

12 07 2008

Yeah I love these kind of lists. Look out for my upcoming My Favourite iPhone/iPod Touch 2.0 apps on my blog (shameless plug hahaha).

PS. You should be in Winnipeg no poopy Thunder Bay.

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