3 07 2008

We may have found an apartment in Winnipeg. I’m waiting for an email back from the landlords saying “Yeah, sure, come on down next week and check it out slash sign a lease” at which point I will freak out with joy because my worryingly high anxiety level will be reduced by about a MILLION PERCENT. Its small (but not TOO small) and has a fridge and allows cats and the walls are panted with bright funky colours with bright funky designs — the kitchen has a crazy mini-mural of arrows in varying shades of orange. So. Cool. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I can’t help it: I really really REALLY REAAAAALLLY hope we get it. Its only $500 a month, heat & water included. UMMMM HELLO that means my share of the rent is $250. Which is laughably cheap.

Also, I really like the letter Q. I think it might be my favourite letter. Not the lowercase q, only the uppercase Q. I like the little tail-y thing.

Second Also, I really DISLIKE PicLens (the Firefox3 plug in) . It doesn’t work as smoothly as I wish it would. I’m used to my two-finger any-direction touch pad (Big thanks to Steve Jobs for making my MacBook like, totally tubular) and while I can two-finger scroll left or right, I can’t seem to find a way to go up and down. So when I want a closer look at a picture on the top of the screen, I try to two-scroll and everything goes to shit. Things start zooming and resizing and I go “what, but.. no, I just.. wanted to.. BUT THAT ONE. RIGHT THERE. LET ME LOOK AT THE PICTURE OF THE PUPPY. Whyyyyyyyyyy whyy can’t I look at the pic-*closes PicLens and reverts back to “old school browser viewing” with a few expletives*

Anyways, I need to go scoop Lucy’s poop box (joy upon joys) and then go make myself look purdy, as its my cousin Meagan’s wedding reception tonight. Heres hoping my dad will slip me a $20 for drinks!




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3 07 2008

PicLens works fantastically with a mighty mouse.

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