Bulleted Again

1 07 2008

— I haven’t really had a lot of “Real Life” stories to blog about as of late. When I’m not home, I’m at work (the LCBO is sucking out my happiness, one four-hour shift at a time) or at Bryan’s. We’ve hung out with Sammy and Steve (hereby referred to as S&S) a few times, which is fun because Sam and I tend to bounce our craziness off of each other, just like we’ve been doing for years. Steve and Bryan have similar senses of humour, and I think they’d get along famously, but its kindof like forcing two toddlers to sit together at daycare. “Now you sit next to Mikey, you two are going to be such great friends I just KNOW it!” They don’t know each other well enough to really talk, and haven’t figured out what they have in common quite yet. Right now its one of those “well we should make small talk while our girlfriends are off squealing over a rerun of Gilmore Girls that they’ve seen a million times and can recite line for line along with the fictional characters” sort of situations. But I think, due to lack of any other friends in town, that things will work out. It seems, as of late, that our original group of friends have been conveniently forgetting to invite us out with them, whenever they go places. It hadn’t really sunk in until somewhat recently, but its been happening for a while now. Which is life, I suppose, but still kindof… poopy. I’m feeling increasingly restless and lonely here, and I REALLY wish I could go to Winnipeg sooner, but with my financial situation the way it is (I’m not sure that I have enough gas money to make it to the next paycheck), it looks like we’re stuck here until further notice. Which kills me.

— I spent my Canada Day (thus far) sitting around, alternating reading (Something Borrowed) with watching a Deadliest Catch marathon on the Discovery channel. I also snuck in a few episodes of Gilmore Girls (season three — my FAVOURITE), for good measure. Bryan and I had vague plans to go to the annual Canada Day Celebration at the marina with S&S, but I’m not sure if I’m in a Going Out kind of mood.

— Rogers has released a list of plan prices for the iPhone, which is to be released in Canada on July 11th. Not only are the plans inadequate in terms of data useage (the highest being 2GB per month for a whopping $115. No unlimited plan to be seen. Awesome, guys, thats fucking great.), but you get like, nine daytime minutes per month UNLESS you want to spend an extra $20 to make your “evening minutes” start at 6 pm instead of 9pm. This, in addition to the godawful customer service I recieved when my phone broke last week (Lucy knocked it into the toilet. Yes, really.), fills me with rage. How can you possibly justify a $60 MINUMUM monthly fee that isn’t even remotely fair to the customer? The iPhone is pretty much useless without an unlimited data plan, because it constantly scans EDGE (mobile internet network), checking for new emails/alerts/whatever. Even if you were to sign up for the cheapest ($60) monthly plan, you would be ANALLY RAPED by your Rogers bill each month, due to “exceeding your data plan limit”. Fuck Rogers. As soon as my plan is up (two years from September), I’m getting the fuck out. I know that ALL cell phone carriers are soul sucking money grabbing bastards, but Rogers is the worst of the worst, and I don’t want to support them for a SECOND longer than I have to. PS I looked into buying out of my phone plan — $400. Yeah. Aweeesome. To quote an article Greg found on Gizmodo, “The cost of the phone and its monthly plan is so high that the Canadians who do opt for it will have to forswear store-bought food and live off the land to save money.” Sure, funny quote, made me chuckle too. But I also wept because it the writer is absolutely right.

— My hair, at the moment, has a sort of Strawberry Blonde ish thing going on. My head was a cacophony of reddish brown, black, and old blue bits, all mixed together in a mess of hair colour, and the only way to rid myself of my past was to bleach the whole damn thing (twice) and start anew. So thats exactly what I did. Its still a little too orangey for my liking, but I’m getting used to it. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to dye everything dark brown again. I have a box of “chocolate brown” sitting under my bathroom sink, but I might “tough out” the blonde for awhile, for a bit of variety. Check my Flickr page for pics…

— In an effort to trim down my huge book collection before my big move to Winnipeg, I’ve decided to reread as many of my books as I can this summer. Especailly my “chick lit” type ones (like, Something Borrowed, True Love and Other Lies, Shopaholic, and misc other girly “I was single and lonely until I suddenly found the love of my life, who is quirky and adorable and perfect LE SIGH” type books), because there is VERY limited space in a Uhaul, and these are the sorts of books that I read least often. So I’m going to reread them, and then give them away to anyone who wants them.

— (Conversation during Sex and the City last night, in regards to Aidan Shaw)

Bryan: I hate that I’m starting to like this douchebag. I like him, but I know that he won’t be around for much longer…

Me: Why do you say that?

Bryan: Because he has a real name. Mr Big isn’t referred to as Mr Big for nothing. That means he’ll be back.




One response

3 07 2008

We hardly “go places”. When we do (which us usually just working at the school or hanging out at Eric’s) you and Bryan are either working or just not around the majority of the time.

As for camping: we decided we’d go and went. It was short notice and $120 for 3 nights and only 6 people were allowed per site. It’s busy this time of year, and there are more workers than last time so we couldn’t play the “they are drunk and have to stay” card. We already had 5 people going, so you guys would have had to pay for your own site, firewood, ice, drinks, groceries, etc. plus have your own tenting gear and the like.

We’re not ignoring you, or playing some sort of game; we really just couldn’t invite anyone else camping (except one person I guess). . . and now a few people (not just you) are upset that they didn’t get invited, too. We wanted a nice relaxing weekend and now we’re getting in trouble for it.

I’m sorry you’re upset about it, but we are not ignoring you. We are not avoiding you. We had 5 people camping, there was allowed 6. . . so we went.

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