This is why I love cats

16 06 2008

Last night, Eric burst into the projector room where Bryan, Reed and I were watching Sunshine (Reeds first time, our 3rd or 4th…) and exclaimed “Okay so I need your guys’ help with something and its not going to be fun.” Clearly, we were intrigued, and a little worried. As we walked downstairs, Eric explained things further. “Toop was outside and she got into a fight with the feral cat that roams around the neighborhood. I need you two to hold her down while I make sure she’s okay. I tried a few minutes agoand she almost tore my face off.” Toop is Eric’s oldest, crankiest, sweetest, and most arthritic cat, FYI.

The boys looked down at Toop, who glared back up at them from her spot on the couch. I wanted nothing to do with the whole situation, preferring to stay in the kittie’s good graces, so Bryan took the front shoulders and Reed held on to her hind legs, while Eric readied himself with antibiotics and gauze. As soon as the guys touched Toop, as carefully and gently as they possibly could, she let out the most horrible meowling screech/scream, like she was being wrung out like a towel by these awful, cruel, abusive people. She made sounds that were both high pitched and low pitched: all at the same time. Within seconds, the other cats of the house (Mooner and Hanna) came barreling into the living room, desperate to a) see what all the fuss was about and b) save their house-cat-sister, Toop, from whatever excruciating torture we were inflicting upon her. I had to hold a squirming, kicking, biting Hanna and keep Mooner in the dining room so that they wouldn’t fight for Toop’s freedom. Mooner, who only makes two sounds (sad meowing and purring) was growling and whining like a dog.

As it turned out, Toop wasn’t badly hurt. No blood or gashes or major wounds, thankfully. She was probably just sore from having to fight back against the Murder Cat… poor arthritic mostly blind overweight kitten. Hanna attacked Eric a few minutes later, when he carried Toop upstairs to sleep on his bed (her favourite nighttime sleeping spot). Mooner cowered in the dining room, and later in the basement, and wouldn’t let any of us near her. Overall, this is kindof a sad story (poor Toop!), but it makes me love all three of the cats EVEN MORE because even though the three of them spend most of their time fighting with each other, and refusing to sit near each other, and stealing food from each other, Mooner and Hanna were ready to fight for Toop in her time of need. And thats pretty goddamned adorable.

Also, when I got home this morning, Lucy wouldn’t stop meowing until I put my computer down (Twitter & Facebook & Flickr had to wait) so she could purr and hit me in the face with her tail. She had a nice nap while I had a nice cup of coffee.




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