Just the tip (…of an update)

2 06 2008

I suck. I know this. I haven’t been updating regularly (unless you also define ‘regularly’ as “completely randomly and quite infrequently”. In which case… cool.) Not only that, but this doesn’t even really count as an update, because I’m only here to inform you all (all three of you) that I’ve updated my Muxtape and the Now Reading section of my Bookworm page. I have also developed a serious obsession with yogurt (vanilla or raspberry) with fresh fruits/berries and honey flavoured Cheerio’s Snack Mix, have made three different recipes of homemade meatballs (including this one), and have been sunburned for the third time this year. Other recent news includes my best friend slash ex-boyfriend (Greg2point0) has moved to a galaxy far, far away. A galaxy called Hoth erm.. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

It is also my 21st birthday in eight days. This means I can legally drink in the good ol’ US of A. What else is 21 good for? Not sure. Maybe this is the age when people finally stop seeing you as “a kid”. In my experience, ages 0-20 have resulted in “Oh you’re growing up so fast!” or “You’re sitting right over here, Emily, at the kids table” or “Would you like that in a sippy-cup?” (the answer to the final question, by the way, is always “YOU’D BETTER GODDAMNED BELIEVE I DO!”) Unfortunately, I have a sinking suspicion that 23 is actually the “no longer an immature kid” age. Or maybe its 46.

For my birthday, I.. don’t really have any plans. Maybe go across the border to aforementioned Americaland and do some legal drinking and gambling? Doubt it. Huge blowout bash? Also doubt it. I’ll probably just drag Bryan and my dear old friend Mantha (aka Samantha aka Sammy aka Highschool Best Friend) and her fella out for a weekend brunch, at which time Mantha and I will eat too much bacon and whine for the rest of the afternoon. Ahhh, traditions..




3 responses

2 06 2008

Em! We (Reed and I, and hopefully Greg) will be coming into town ON your birthday! Fate? Balls yes.

3 06 2008

Hopping the border to drink legally seems so anticlimatic when you have been legal in your own country for years. Maybe it is just me. Though, you could probably get free drinks out of bars (and men), or at least cheaper prices. And with the exchange rate how it is now, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.
Hey, I’ve been wondering, are your gas prices astronomical too, or is it just this great country of mine?

3 06 2008

I would just like to let it be known that despite my lack of internets I have still posted more frequently than you (as well as Lindsay and Jeremy) you kids are slacking!

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