27 05 2008

Bryan and I are just about to leave for the flattest baddest Gary-est city in all the lands. We’re going to go see Coheed & Cambria play tonight, and will triumphantly return tomorrow afternoon/early evening.

“But Emily, isn’t that an awful lot of driving just to spend one night in the ‘peg?”

Yes, Other Personality, Yes it is. 7 hours there, 7 hours back. But we’ll get to see our favourite person ever: Reed! Maybe we’ll troll around for some fresh manly friends. Maybe we’ll have a four hour long ukelele sing-a-long. Maybe we’ll just drink a lot and feel like death in the morning. Maybe all of the above!

I’m leaving my computer behind, so I won’t be able to a) entertain all you jerks via MSN b) Update my blog/Flickr SOOOOO you can stalk my Twitter-ings if you get REALLY starved for entertainment.

Miss you already, intra-webs.




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