Bulleted Tuesday Redux.

21 05 2008
  • The last time I had so much free time, I was fifteen, before I started my first part-time job. My first part-time job was at an ice cream parlour, which wasn’t nearly as fun as I expected it to be. Come to think of it, none of the jobs I’ve ever had have been as fun as I expected — EXCEPT Gino’s, which turned out to be infinitely more fun than I could have imagined. But that is entirely the people, not the job itself. Anyways, I’m starting to get bored, after so many “days off” in a row. School ended in the beginning of May, and other than a few weekend shifts at Gino’s, I haven’t had much of anything to do, other than sit around watching Food Network (and occasionally going for a run or reading a book)The manager of the Intercity-ish LCBO called me this morning — HIRED! This is a major score, because I’ve worked for them before and know how to do everything, its busy enough so that I don’t get bored often, and the pay is SWEET, way better than working some sloppy minimum wage job (we’re talking $10+ per hour here… which isn’t exactly going to have me in the Fortune 500 anytime soon, but it also won’t leave me broke and desolate in an sketch-bag alleyway) He says that he can’t guarantee me a set number of hours, not at first anyways, but starting in late June, I’ll most likely be getting full time hours every week until Labor Day.
  • I’m out of milk, so my morning pot of coffee was enjoyed with sugar alone.
  • The episode of Barefoot Contessa I’m watching right now is pretty fantastic. Ina is making a huge chocolate buttercream cake, coq au vin and garlic mashed potatoes for her 39th wedding anniversary. Even after 39 years, Ina and her husband are so stupidly in love its actually a little ridiculous. In a good way. He told her he was going to work for the day, and instead went shopping and bought her like, 30 presents. D’AAAAW cute! I love the Barefoot Contessa, shes probably my favourite Food Network chef.Post script: I’m obsessed with Food Network, and have it on in the background pretty much all the time.
  • Bryan, Greg and I are watching our way through two DVD box sets right now: Planet Earth and Battlestar Galactica (Season 2, presently). I spent a hefty chunk of my income tax return on an enormous $200 Planet Earth box set that has three other BBC nature doc series, all of which look FANTASTIC. We just finished watching the Caves episode, which might be my favourite so far — although I say that after each episode we watch, so actually, they’re ALL my favourite episodes so far. I love that at some point during each episode (sometimes more than once!), I exclaim things like “what the fuckkkkk” or “uh, no, that creature isn’t real. Theres no way that exists in real life. Thats a lie.” or, most often, “That is the craziest/wildest/coolest thing I have EVER seen”. I heart Planet Earth.

  • BSG is also quite fantastic. As much as I fought it, and swore to never watch an episode… its really goddamned good. I know that Greg is going to read this entry and yell “Hah! I told you so!” but in my defense, I was wary of sci-fi shows that take place in space. Star Trek, as large as a fan base as it has, is just not a good show. Sorry. Its awful. The acting, the storyline, the SET. Ugh. Bad news. But BSG is more like a drama/adventure/awesome that just happens to take place on a space ship. Everything is explained in a non-condescending way (there is NO new guy asking “but like, why do we need to do that? where are we going? Who is that?” for the sake of exposition) , there is little to no obnoxious techie jargon, and everything is just… clever. Really, really cleverly done. I HATED the shooting style at first (almost all handheld, constantly moving or zooming or shifting) but after an episode, you get used to it. When each episode ends, I usually go “UHHHH next one. Like, now. I don’t care that its 4:21 am and I have to work in the morning. Next. Episode. Now.” I’m wary of the massive amount of speculating and theories about BSG that are floating around on the internet, because I am a full two seasons behind and don’t want to inadvertently learn too much. I know I was late to jump on the BSG train, but I’ll admit it: I love Battlestar Galactica, and can’t WAIT to watch the remaining episodes.
  • I’m still wearing my pjs: long underwear bottoms, one sock, Conflix t shirt, bathrobe. Talk about sexy sleepwear…

  • I’ve been growing my hair out since about January (with only ONE trim since then) — which is a big deal, because I’ve had short hair since… June 2005. I just… decided that I needed a change, and that I want to be able to have options: put my hair up, or leave it down? Curly or straight? With short hair, you get ONE style and its hard to do anything different without looking like an idiot. SO. That being said, I’m getting my hair cut. JUST A TRIM. Really, I swear, just a trim. Its right in the awkward disgusting growing out phase right now (we’re talking borderline mullet) and I just.. can’t handle it. Its too awful. The back grows faster than the top/front, and it sits on the back of my neck and drives me absolutely insane. I’m still growing it out, I just need to not hate my hair and hate how I look every single day. I can handle hating my hair one out of every three days or so, but EVERY morning, when I look in the mirror, I say “UGH. GROSS.” and feel Ugh Gross for the rest of the day. I think my hair is just about long enough to pull off a variation on ONE of these styles. At least, I friggin hope so.

I looove this. I’m not sure that my hair is long enough yet, and I’m also not sure that I can pull off such short bangs, but… its pretty fab.

This is actually similar to whats happening on my head right this very second. Mine is longer in the back, and less impeccably styled, OH and not blonde, but.. this is doable. This might happen on my head.




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